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Welcome and thanks for visiting my website, whether it be by accident or by design, please feel free to wander around.

My name is Kristjan Zadziuk and I am traditionally trained animator, currently working in the games industry. I happen to be lucky enough to get paid for my hobby, and have a genuine love for the art. .

I get an almost childlike buzz from animation, as I suppose I have always been in love with it, from watching old Road Runner cartoons to playing games such as Another World, and the original Prince of Persia, back in the days of the Amiga 500.

The lines between game and film animation are becoming increasingly hard to distinguish, and I am personally looking forward to blurring those lines a little more.

I'm hoping that this site will act as a forum for my work, the things I pick up on the way, and be able to share that with anyone that stumbles across my site. So all thats left to say I suppose, is happy searching, and I hope that you enjoy my site.




December 4rd 2010 :
Added 2010 Animation Showreel

July 24th 2008 :
Added work completed on Assassins Creed

August 26th 2006 :
Added GeneriCS Rig and LowMan Rig to downloads.

January 28th 2006
Updated Links and animators section.

November 4th 2005 :
Added my blog amongst others to links section.


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