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Hey so you want to know a bit about me do you?

Well, as I'm sure you've guessed my name is Kristjan Zadziuk, I'm the ripe old age of 32, like to think I don't take myself too seriously and originally from Liverpool, although you wouldn't be able to tell if you speak to me, as I lived in Southport for the majority of my life.

At 20, like a moth drawn to a lightbulb I went to University in Newport, South Wales and had 3 eventful years studying animation in-between playing basketball, meeting some great friends and getting hypnotised,
(long story, but suffice to say I was convinced I was called Daphnie for the first 3 weeks of term...)

After 3 years, I emerged from UWN as a Bachelor of Art in Animation, and moved to Bristol
where I stayed for 5 years working for Hothouse Creations. I am in the middle of a new and exciting chapter of my life with amove to Montreal, Canada to work with Ubisoft as an animator, on "Next Gen" games (Xbox 360 & PS3). In 2007 I moved back to the UK and currently work with the guys at Bizarre Creations in Liverpool... Full circle.




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